Sol y Motion is the Houston, TX based Indie Rock band made up from the Klein family: brothers Nick (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Thomas (Drums and Vocals) and their father Chris (Bass).  They bring a variety of sounds to their songs, drawing influences from reggae, ska, blues, rock and even a little soul and disco.

There's something about the creative dynamic between brothers that has propelled some of the greatest bands in history. From CCR, AC/DC, Van Helen to Kings of Leon, Radio Head and Arcade Fire, Rock and Roll history is filled with sibling teams creating great music.

It could come from the deep understanding of each other developed over a life time together.  Or it could be special and sometimes extreme ways that brothers can create and come to a consensus on their ideas.  But the energy and bond that comes from knowing your creative partners better than anyone else has lead to some of music's greatest and most innovative groups.  Sol y Motion is one of those groups.

They have drawn comparisons to a broad range of artists from mainstream acts Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 to alternative acts like O.A.R, 311  and Rebelution.  With Sol y Motion, it's the blending of sounds and influences that makes them a band you must see and stream! 

The Klein brothers began their music career at a very young age, playing their first gig together at the ages of 10 and 12.  Over the past decade, they've created a sound that is all their own.  Sol y Motion has been playing all over Texas and Louisiana over the past few years and have played in such notable venues as Fitzgerald's, White Oak Music Hall, the Scoot Inn and the House of Blues, to name a few.  They've also been selected to play at several music industry festivals based of the strength of their first EP "Sol y Motion" released in 2017.

Sol y Motion's music can be streamed on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play.  They will release their 2nd EP in the summer of 2019 and will embark on their first national tour in July to promote it.